Team building and incentive holiday program

TEAM BUILDING Holiday program

The fact that a number of people are found busy working from a common physical area does not automatically qualify them to be called a TEAM.

This word “team” goes beyond what we perceive in the physical. It is all about ATTITUDE.

When we talk about team, we are looking at vision, leadership, purpose, load, support, and tapered-efforts, people with issues and most imperative trust that leads to COHESION.
While on the job, most managers will tell you a lot about these issues; very few will not have to talk about them. And after the 2007 Post-Election Experience, most managers have just realized that some things were never written in the book and hence they have to employ creativity and wisdom while dealing with the ever-present people ISSUES.

“There is no I in TEAM” is a few levels above your conventional “feel-good” team-building course. It is a creatively designed experiential dispensation of organizational leadership and personal development principles. As a predominantly outdoor session, it is meant to be energizing, team-intensive, strategy demanding, intellectually charging and most certainly memorably FUN.

Program Title: ““There is no I in TEAM””

Program Objective: To birth into the participants a conviction of “team” releasing a sustainable desire to function as one, nurturing trust, responsibility and commonness of purpose.

Topical Issues:
-3-Clears of Team Focus
-DOPE Analysis & Teamwork; the Imperative
-Trust, Cohesion & Responsibility
-10 Pillars of Highly Successful Teams
-6 Traits of Effective Team Leadership
-Communication & Breaking Protocol Barriers
-Personal Contributions & Process Ownership
-Vision, Mission & Goals in Conflict Resolution
-Understanding Team Problems & Developing Team Strategy
-Collective Decisions Making in Managing Team Stress
Program Outputs
Enhanced Cohesion in the Team
Greater Understanding of what is expected of a team
Better Communication in the Team
Effective Team Leadership
Positive Conflict resolution methods
Better customer service
FUN-BREAK towards Coping with stress

Using the high energy ‘Immersion Processes’, the participants are taken through a series of immersion activities, assignments and challenges. As they emerge from the pits of challenges, they experience an impartation of strong and lasting principles that support teamwork.

This will be mainly an outdoor session, focused on allowing the participants to freely interact, get answers and develop team principles as they solve problems and run assignments.
Through these processes participants learn to be dependable team members, plan with colleagues, work and learn as they have fun and be re-energized to face work with a great attitude.

Field gear

All participants are required to come in sporty attire and swimwear. No previous experience or skill in swimming is a requirement for the pool activities. Please note also that no activity should be attempted by any participant without clear instructions from the facilitator. All activities are all inclusive and entirely safe.

Cost Implications:
7 days package (5 days team building and 2 days safari)
Euros 1,505 per person(Accommodation, airport transfers, transportation, park fees)

Payment Terms:
The fees are payable in advance if applicable

Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications or any other details.
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